What is the Difference between Drywall Screw and Self-Tapping Screw?

Introduction of the drywall screw and self-tapping screw

Drywall screw is a kind of screw, which can be divided into two types: double thread type and single line thick type. The biggest difference between them is that the screw thread of the former is a double thread.

Self-Tapping screw is one of the threaded fasteners that can drill the female thread in the pre-drilling of metal or non-metallic materials.

Drywall screw


Self-Tapping screw:


The shape of the drywall screw and self-tapping screw

Drywall screw: the biggest feature in appearance is the trumpet head shape. The thread of single thread thick thread dry wall screw is wider. Phosphating dry wall screw is the most basic product line, while blue-white zinc dry wall screw is a supplement. The scope of application and purchase price of the two are basically the same

Self tapping screw: the materials can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel two types. For the carbon material, 1022 medium carbon steel is the main material. It is usually used in doors, windows and iron sheets.


Application of the drywall screw and self tapping screw

Drywall screw: in foreign countries, people attach great importance to the selection of fastener products. Single line thick type dry wall screw is an alternative to double line fine type dry wall screw, which is more suitable for the connection of wood keel.

Self tapping screw: it is used for nonmetal or soft metal. It can tap, drill, squeeze and press into corresponding threads on the consolidated material by its own thread, so as to make it closely cooperate with each other.

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